Celebrate New Years in Gatlinburg!


We look forward to the new year and the new year’s celebrations at the Space Needle in downtown Gatlinburg.

In Gatlinburg, the New Years party for that city runs traditional as it has for decades begins. Throughout the day, the knowledge of the impending countdown sits overhead and excitement builds. At 10:00PM, there will be entertainment near Stoplight #8 (Bubba Gump Shrimp) which will build more excitement for the evening and then, yes, as it nears midnight, a ball will begin to drop from the Space Needle at the center of downtown Gatlinburg and once it transitions from 2016 to 2017, fireworks again explode into the night sky for almost 20 minutes straight.

It’s an awesome spectacle and you can see more information on it at www.gatlinburg.com.

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